Meet Laura Belle

I’m Laura Belle – nicknamed that by my grandpa Dawson when I was a little girl.

I chose the name for my store because it makes me smile and I think it’s friendly (as I hope I am) and makes you want to get to know me and my store. (Gee, I hope I’m right!)

My name is Laura McLean and my husband Jon and I have two toddler boys. This time last year we were hard at work to get our brick and mortar opened in beautiful downtown Farmington, Missouri. 

I opened the store because I couldn’t find cute, affordable maternity clothes or cute, affordable baby clothes anywhere in the Farmington area!  So, I decided to quit my job and with my husband as my partner, to open Laura Belle featuring clothes for moms-to-be and baby clothes for boys and girls.

As we prepare to celebrate our one-year anniversary I have to say it's been a DREAM COME TRUE! I love going to "work" each day. It was no easy task to get it off the ground and work out all the kinks, but we finally think we have the gist of it and are so excited to start offering our products online. 

As if marriage and kids hasn’t already changed my life forever – I love my funny, frantic chaos -- now I’m embarking on another new adventure.
And, “birthing” Laura Belle has been almost as exciting as childbirth. (Without the stretch marks!)

Let the newest adventure begin!

Laura Belle


My Boys and I 

My Little Family 

My Grandpa (who nicknamed me Laura Belle) and I in May of 1985. I was 2 weeks old. 

Grand Opening/Ribbon Cutting - May 2016

 Opening Day --- I was terrified!